Monday, October 14, 2013

the mail me art flash sale pieces have arrived!

Last week I received the Mail Me Art Short & Sweet pieces I purchased as part of their week-long flash sale. The artwork arrived very promptly and in excellent shape, and the two pieces I purchased looked even more amazing in person. The extremely cool thing about getting these pieces is that they also contained artwork inside! I was hesitant to even open up the drawn and painted on envelopes, fearing I might accidentally ruin these gorgeous works, but I made sure to be very careful. I couldn't believe my eyes when I discovered even more art, and it felt like an extended birthday.

 The first piece I bought was by Charmagne Coe, whose beautiful acrylic painting titled "Plumes of a Heartbeat" (above) contained a wonderful letter and drawing inside, which made me even more happy, as I'm as much a fan of her pen and ink works as I am of her paintings.  This weekend Charmagne will be having a solo exhibit in Phoenix AZ, which will include many new large works, as well as a live painting demo by the artist herself! More details can be found at her blog HERE.

The other piece I bought was drawn by Melody Seal, whose work is inspired by wildlife, folk tales and her childhood growing up in Zimbawe. Enclosed within the original piece were three gorgeous prints, as well as a very thoughtful, handwritten letter with a drawing, describing her work. Could she have been any more generous?! Melody Seal, whose blog is an endless stream of inspiration, is another favorite artist of mine and I could not have felt more fortunate to have purchased hers and Charmagne's art.

Darren DiLieto did an incredible job organizing the third MMA project and I was so glad to be a part of it. The next MMA project is taking on a whole new and different direction, which will be exciting to see unfold. In the meantime, I hope my collaborative piece with JJ Cromer arrived safely in the UK by now! Looking forward to the fourth installment.