Saturday, February 1, 2014

sketch dump: 1/26 - 2/1/2014

This whole week has been a challenge, with regards to making time for drawing and sketching. It can get frustrating when everyday mundane occurrences overtake one's time, plus of course, there's something called working a day job. This week I spent a lot of energy teaching clay sculpture to all of my classes - all twenty-five of 'em. It's physically and even mentally draining, but also extremely fun and makes the work week fly by quite fast. So, now I have about 700 or so clay sculptures that need to dry before going into the kiln in a couple of weeks. The cool thing is, I've got so much great subject matter to draw from now, literally! As for this week, I mixed it up some once again, drawing from life mostly, and a couple from photos. Surprisingly, my most challenging subject was a big, lousy beet. I thought I'd whip that one out in no time but instead ended up erasing and reshading, then erasing again and redrawing. I wanted to rip out the page and throw it away, but decided not to, and out of principal, fixed it as best as I could, and then like a crazy person, decided that beet needed an R2D2 action figure by its side. Somehow, it works, much like the lovely track below, by my all-time favorite, Aphex Twin (under the Caustic Window alias), from 1992. Enjoy!