Saturday, February 15, 2014

sketch dump: 2/9 - 2/15/2014

This week I've been focusing on drawing single objects again - objects in front of me, with the exception of my Abe Lincoln portrait, based off of a handful of images online, including a few from the Lincoln Memorial in DC.  Some of the drawings have gotten more involved than I had intended, but I'm just going to roll with that. I like getting to know an object through sketching and drawing - observing something that I've had for years or have seen every day - something I've actually never really taken a good close look at. Sometimes I've felt compelled to write some kind of observation or explanation - to include some sort of text with my sketch, but I'm mostly content with just keeping it as it is - no need for extraneous verbiage or semi-pretentious musings - something I've been somewhat guilty of in the past. Just an urge to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and my everyday surroundings. The boot was my next-to-last page in this sketchbook - a flimsier Moleskine notebook. I've stocked up on a few more higher-quality Moleskines, now that the local Michael's carries them and I can get a good discount on 'em using their weekly coupons. It's kind of like a dream come true, these very affordable Moleskines, and has caused a personal revival of sorts.