Sunday, March 23, 2014

sketch dump: 3/16 - 3/22/2014

So spring is finally here, though Jack Frost has been putting up quite a fight. I've been enjoying the snow this year, though am finally, truly ready for some warmth and color to happen my way. With this current batch of sketches, I continued to try out the pens given to me through the Illustration Friday contest, though with the final drawing, I returned to my favorite, Pigma Micron pens. I actually enjoyed the challenge of using the different pens, and discovering the different effects they've had on my sketches. However, nothing could quite match the performance and control I've had with the Microns. Still, it's good to let go of control some, and let the medium speak. I imagine dipping fallen twigs in India ink and attempting to draw. Perhaps in the near future I'll get a little bolder.

In this series, I've focused again on line, both gestural and contour lines, not too concerned with adding depth and volume, as with when I was using pencil. Some were from life, a few were from my personal Flickr stream again. At least I'm using once dormant photos as reference for some of these drawings, mostly due to time constraints. The last drawing in the set is one of them, strangely enough, taken on the Appalachian Trail in the Fall in 2007. I wish I could say it was live and drawn right there in the woods, but most of my Saturday was spent in WalMart, getting our taxes taken care of, then later cleaning some of the house. Good fun! Soon I plan on more Saturdays or Sundays spent on the trails, sketchbook in tow. For now, I'll still be sketching indoors, until Jack Frost decides it's time to move on.

In the meantime, I highly recommend picking up a book published by Harper Collins called Sylvia Plath Drawings, brought to my attention by a friend and fellow drawer on Facebook. I had no idea she drew, and while I'm not too familiar with her written work, one can definitely see the poetry in her gentile, yet bold linear approach to drawing and sketching.