Sunday, March 9, 2014

sketch dump: 3/2 - 3/8/2014

I decided to break in the new watercolor Moleskine last week and work with color some. I broke out the ol' black Jet Pen for the drawing portion and used some watercolor pencils for color. I prefer using the Jet Pen in the sketchbook instead, working on colorless drawings and getting into the details. Perhaps regular no. 2 pencil would have been better for these sketches, which I tried to keep short and quick. The watercolor pencils were decent, and I found you had to apply them carefully beforehand, as too much application before brushing over areas with water causes a muddy, almost irreversible effect. My strongest and the only one from the bunch that I actually care for is the squirrel. My weakest was the last one - the moth, which I drew in a tired hurry, after working a great but somewhat exhausting art expo all day long. Honestly, I preferred to go straight to bed, after a good shower, instead of drawing last night, but I had to get it in, good or bad. This time around, I'll be working with a new pack of Jet Pens I won through an Illustration Friday contest. They just arrived in the mail Saturday, and my wife is letting me try out her set of higher quality watercolor pencils. I'm not sure if I'll keep going with animals again, all of which I drew from my own photos last week, or if I should try other things. We'll see!