Sunday, March 30, 2014

sketch dump: 3/23 - 3/29/2014

So last week I returned to the watercolor Moleskine and decided to finally break open the Faber-Castell Graphite Aquarelle pencils that I had purchased a little while ago at the local Michael's. They were expensive, so thankfully I get coupons sent to me via e-mail, which nearly cuts the cost of materials in half. Other arts/crafts chains like JoAnne's and AC Moore do the same as well. So, if you have any of these shops in your area, I strongly recommend getting on their mailing list, as they send coupons every week. I simply get them scanned from my i-phone.

Anyhow, I like 'em a lot, these pencils, further activated by brush and water for added depth and layering. Still, they have quite a learning curve, and just one week using them daily won't cut it as far as even remotely mastering them, at least in my case. Still, these drawings are merely daily exercises, and sometimes the errors are more evident in some than others. The biggest challenge was trying not to overwork a sketch, which can result in a muddied mess, much like with using watercolor pencils. These pencils, while good on their own, were intended to be used with water, so there has to be some planning and a little patience if you want to get the desired gradations and depth. Still, I found it fairly easy to get a sketch down in a relative short amount of time. One example is my last one, the black vulture, which took no more than twenty minutes to complete. As with all of this week's sketches, the vulture was loosely based off of photos I had taken, both old and new. I say "loosely" because lately, I've tried to get nothing more than a likeness to my subjects, while taking some minor liberties here and there, adding something different, or subtracting an element I find unnecessary for use.

This week I've started out in the watercolor 'skine again, this time getting back into watercolor pencil, only this time I'm laying down the initial sketch in pencil rather than pen, which I prefer a lot more for this type of drawing.  Soon I'll be laying down some actual watercolor washes in the book as well. Looking forward to what April has to offer my eyes.