Sunday, March 16, 2014

sketch dump: 3/9 - 3/15/2014

I recently received a nice bag of various drawing pens from an Illustration Friday contest giveaway, so I decided to explore all of them in my Moleskine sketchbook, focusing on line quality rather than color or gradation, as with my previous set of drawings. I'll definitely explore color more, with a different set of watercolor pencils, but not yet, as I'm enjoying working with line via drawing pen again. I know I stated way earlier how I was to stick with pencil, but why make such strict limitations on oneself? As long as I'm continuing my daily sketch practice, I can use anything, right? I made sure to photograph each drawing along with the pen(s) used, and I tried to get into more loose, sketchy and contour-line style drawings last week. One big influence in this shift is a book I'm currently reading (and thoroughly enjoying) called "Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing" by Frederick Franck. I found this gem last week when I did my workshop at Books and Other Found Things in Leesburg, and I'm pretty sure they've got another book by him at the shop as well, which I need to stop by and purchase if it hasn't been sold already. Anyway, Franck's book, published in 1993 has a nice, personal, almost conversational style, as if one were reading letters or a personal blog. It's easy to grasp and it covers a lot of concepts and philosophies about drawing that I've held true for some time now, only expressed more eloquently, even poetically through Franck's writings. While I've relied heavily on a seemingly endless back catalogue of photos I've taken of various things for the last two week's worth of sketches, I'm really itching to get out and sketch from life again. I even brought in an object from a walk my wife and I took in the woods today (at her urging) for this evening's sketch, possibly. Only the Robocop drawing, made for a zine that I'll discuss more, once it's released, was different, standing out like a sore thumb in this batch. I'm hoping to continue on this looser, more intuitive approach to sketching this week, but we'll see. It seems every time I declare what I'm about to do and how I'm about to do it (at least with regards to sketching) I end up doing something totally different.