Sunday, April 20, 2014

kris' mail me art 4 submission

Like me, my wife Kris works on art when she can, because like me, she has a day job that can take up lots of time and energy. When she does make art, the results can be inspired and pretty amazing. Lately she's been doing lots of watercolor work, which has been improving greatly each time she sits down to paint something. I'm so glad, however to see her return to her classic doodle style of drawing for her submission piece for the upcoming Mail Me Art 4 book and exhibit, to be released through the Little Chimp Society. While she was working on this today and last night, she said how she wasn't even thinking and almost felt as if a force beyond her control was moving through her. When she finished, she was so humble about it, shrugging it off as just another doodle. I digress! Anyhow, I dropped it off in the mail today and we will be eagerly waiting for the word on its arrival in England. Fingers are crossed!