Thursday, May 8, 2014

sketch dump: 4/27 - 5/3/2014

Upon searching through my Flickr stream for referential subject matter, I discovered all of these photos I've taken throughout the years, especially along the Appalachian Trail, where I've seen very clear and distinct "faces" in trees. It's been extremely inspiring, finding these photos, and I'm hoping to do a much more in-depth series based on them again, on larger paper. It's hard to believe none of these images were conjured up by my sometimes active imagination, but basically are presented as they actually are.This makes me interested in actively seeking out more of these when I begin to hit the trails again. The problem is, I wonder, is the possibility of not seeing anything when I deliberately set out to find "faces", as all of these were passively "found" when my mind was at a much more relaxed, almost lucid state, which can happen during a good hike. They almost just sort of appeared out of nowhere. Expect a few more of these faces in trees in the next sketch dump post!