Monday, May 26, 2014

sketch dump: 5/11-5/17/2014

Here's another set that I finally had time to photograph and post about. I've been waiting to get some good shots during the day, as I've found that taking sketchbook pics later in the evening, when I've been doing much of my drawing, results in diminished image quality. I've been loving working with my Ivory Black Derwent Watercolour pencil in the meantime, minus any brush and water. I find it very easy to get a wide range of tonality, almost too easy if you're not working slowly. In the meantime, I decided to let myself take a one week break from my daily sketches, the day after our fifth wedding anniversary. With traveling and knowing how much I had to get taken care of at work and after work last week, it made sense. However, I'll be making up for that lost week by having some days where I do more than one sketch in a sitting, especially this coming summer.  I have some great places in mind for this, and it'll be good to sketch out of doors again. Until next week!