Saturday, May 31, 2014

sketch dump: 5/25 - 5/31/2014

So I decided to grant myself a one week break from daily sketching, since I was getting swamped by work and after-work things. Part of me felt a bit guilty that I didn't take some time out to keep up with my daily practice, and part of me felt it was absolutely necessary. Ultimately, I'm glad to have taken that break, and get back on track again for the final week of May.  Overall, it was recharging and I couldn't wait to draw again, after it was beginning to feel a little more like a chore earlier in the month.

For this final week of May, I decided to employ the trusty ivory black Derwent Watercolour pencil one last time, once again, using it to draw without using brush and water. I also decided to focus on only trees I've seen and photographed while in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The trees there were a highlight for me, standing there in all their old, twisted glory.  It's funny seeing how the pencil shrank from the earliest drawing, to the last and latest.

One issue that I had with the watercolor pencil was that it was almost too powerful, and I found I had to carefully and slowly build any layers, first with a light sketch, later applying more layers where necessary.  So, yes, these sketches took some time to make, at least an hour each, so I had to find and utilize pockets of time that might normally be spent on more casual pursuits, like reading or being online (or napping, for that matter!). The most difficult part is having the discipline to make that initial step to sit down and draw.  That lazy little demon on my shoulder will tell me to "take it easy man, you had a long day, why add an extra load of work to your day?", then I realize, this drawing stuff might be work, but it's extremely satisfying work - work that I enjoy more than anything else. That's the motivator for me to take a seat and essentially, get back to work again.

In the meantime, an appropriate and excellent song and video by the band PULP.  Go tell it to the trees.