Tuesday, May 20, 2014

sketch dump: 5/4 - 5/10/2014

It's about time I photographed and posted up my most recent sketches! Been busy celebrating my wife Kris and my fifth wedding anniversary by taking a little trip to Colonial Williamsburg, VA, which was a beautiful time. I'll make sure to post some pics from that soon. In the meantime, it was good continuing my series of tree-face drawings. Doing these is a real exercise in "seeing", as well as cultivating creativity. I also did a couple of drawings based on some wild and wonderful sculptures I saw a couple years ago in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Drawing from these gave me some idea of the artist's own creative thought-process, and gave me more of an understanding of how inventive this person was. The artist, Jorge Zeno, is pretty elusive online, and I featured him HERE at the blog a couple of years back. These are among some of my favorite sculptures to see in person, and I could imagine an entire garden full of them in a variety of imaginative shapes and sizes. Sketching from another artist's work can put one in that person's shoes and provide some very useful insight.