Tuesday, June 17, 2014

sketch dump: 6/8 - 6/14/2014

So, this time around I felt the need to break away from the observational stuff and play around with line, shape and form, and basically doodle, for lack of a better term. On and off I've worked on these things I've called "scribble critters", which basically begin with a pretty random scribble, much like with the Splotch Monsters, only not with paint. I tend to outline the outer edge, or contour line of the form I've created to define it's shape some more, then I begin filling in the spaces within the forms, adding lines, patterns, whatever comes to mind, turning them into individual living organisms and entities. They tend to resemble something that is a cross between a robot and an alien when I'm finished with one. We had our last week of school with the kids, last week, and perhaps making these was a good, mindless way to handle some of the craziness that can come with the final week of school before summer break begins. The word "mindless" might not be accurate however, though I tend to try not to think and keep things at somewhat of a stream-of-conscious level, there is still, simultaneously, a good deal of deliberation and careful consideration when it comes to how and where I place things when drawing these. All of these can be starting points for something bigger, I feel, but for now they remain nothing more than freaky little doodles. In the meantime, some music that inspired these drawings brought to you by Jonah Sharp, aka Spacetime Continuum - a classic track from the 1996 album Emit Ecaps titled "Swing Fantasy", a perfect soundtrack to summer.