Tuesday, June 10, 2014

wild ocean signing at the winchester book gallery & more!

Last Saturday Matt Dembicki, Andy Kettler and I did a book signing for Wild Ocean (Fulcrum Books) at the Winchester Book Gallery, in Winchester, Virginia. Christine, who runs the store, saw some copies that came in and invited us out to not only sign books for customers, but also to sign their author/illustrator wall, which was a real honor! It was good to see friends and folks come by and say hi and buy some copies of our book (thank you!!!), edited by Matt, who did a wonderful story about the hammerhead shark, beautifully colored by Jason E. Axtell, another D.C.-area artist.  At one point, my hand was getting a little cramped from signing books and posters even, which is a good thing I suppose. While the signing was great fun, I especially enjoyed the car ride to and fro, as Matt and Andy kicked some serious knowledge about comics and comic book art. I was especially surprised to find Andy was familiar with an old favorite I collected in the late-nineties called Akiko, by Mark Crilley, considering how young he is. They both mentioned wanting to explore a more freeform approach to comics art, and I suggested they check out The Overlords of Glee by Canadian artist,  Billy Mavreas, a prized-treasure I picked up at SPX back in 2006. I was glad I could at least offer a little something to the table during the drive back home. In the meantime, this Saturday is Art Enables' second Saturday workshop from 1-4 where you can design your own flag. It's also your last weekend to catch the Wild Ocean exhibit before it closes on the 20th. It's a fantastic show for an equally fantastic book, so check 'em both out while you can!