Friday, July 18, 2014

new mary lattimore with jeff zeigler album "slant of light" available for preorder

Earlier today I was happy to see a message from the Thrill Jockey records mailing list announcing the release of a new album by musicians Mary Lattimore and Jeff Zeigler. I'm mostly familiar with Jeff's music in the form of his band Arc in Round, who released a truly amazing album and EP under the band's former name Relay. Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I was able to witness Relay open for The Lymbyc Systym and The Album Leaf, and never hearing or seeing the band before, I was instantly blown away. As Arc in Round, the band continues to impress, and on this latest project, you hear the more electronic, ambient production work that Zeigler's sound hinted at in Arc In Round/Relay.

Prior to today, I had unfortunately been ignorant to the brilliantly unique harp music coming from Mary Lattimore, and I had read in the T.J. newsletter (and later watched the clip from CBS Sunday Morning) that she had visited the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee, known for its spectacular summertime firefly display, to record a video for a song from the upcoming collaborative album. This is interesting, because earlier in the evening, I listened to the recording featured here while sitting outside on my back deck, when the woods began lighting up with fireflies - something I grew up with as a kid in Pennsylvania, and will never get tired of.  It was fascinating to me how perfectly Lattimore's sublime harp melodies and Zeigler's rich synthesizer chords and textures seemed to synchronize so well with the nocturnal visual delight unfolding throughout the air that surrounded me.

The duo only have a few concerts lined up currently, but there is word of more shows to come when the album drops soon. You can mark my word that I will do everything in my power to be present at a performance if they come to the DC area. In the meantime, the album (featuring some gorgeous cover art by Becky Suss) is available HERE from Thrill Jockey for preorder.