Thursday, July 3, 2014

portland, maine visit, june, 2014(1)

After visiting Portland, Maine for a week, as part of the annual Feed Your Soul program at the Maine College of Art (MECA), I'm still reeling from what a great town this is and time I had. I covered the FYS part mostly at my Splotch Monster blog, so I thought I'd show the rest of my photos here. I took a lot, and I could have taken more, but I tried to refrain from getting too carried away and simply enjoy my short stay in Portland. So, since I took a lot, I'm going to break my shots up into increments of eight, so that over the next six days, a new installment of eight pics from Portland, Maine will appear. I decided to keep the writing to a minimum, with the exception of this initial post, and treat it as a sort of series. The posts will automatically appear each day at midnight, after this one. I look forward to coming back to this wonderful city and program again soon. Enjoy!