Wednesday, October 15, 2014

grump returns to artisphere!

In time for the 2014 GRUMP holiday arts and crafts event at Artisphere, Arlington, VA, I made a couple of GRUMP yetis. The yeti is the official GRUMP mascot, so I tried my hand at a couple of different versions, the top one being a Splotch Yeti, while the bottom was more in a tattoo/street art style, with the clean lines and all. I really bombed the first time trying my hand at the bottom one - it turning out looking like some kind of strung out Charlie Manson, so that promptly was scrapped. I'm glad I hung in there and went back to the drawing board for a second attempt. The top one was made on some thick black paper with white watercolor ink only. I used the other end of my paint brush to poke out impressions for the eyes and mouth. He was more or less influenced by the big ol' Wampa from the Empire Strikes Back.  It took no more than about five-to-ten minutes to complete. The bottom one, showing a very grumpy grump of a yeti, who misplaced his present on the top of his head, took about three hours, if you include the first attempt, which involved lots of line work, only to get worse and worse as I added more and more lines and detail. My original intent was to keep it clean and minimal, but somehow I derailed and ultimately failed. During the second attempt, I made sure to stick to the initial plan, and pencil everything out first, while changing the facial features and overall look of the beast. In the meantime, my wife Kris (whose own grumpy yeti is down at the bottom of the post) will be selling work, as well as myself at GRUMP, whose official date is Sunday, December 14th, from 11am - 4pm.  It's going to be "super sized" this time, and a ton o' fun!