Monday, December 29, 2014

further progress on the astrodon page

It looks like I'm about halfway finished with my Astrodon story for the tenth issue of Magic Bullet, as the deadline fast approaches. Astrodon was both easy and challenging for the same reason - there really isn't much info at all about the mysterious suaropod, first discovered in Maryland, not far from the Washington, D.C. area. This also makes it both interesting and boring, for that same precise reason, but honestly, are dinosaurs ever really boring? I guess that would depend on who you ask.

I never really have ever considered myself a comic strip/book artist, though I've got some work published in some great books. It's just something I don't do consistently enough, which is why I actually enjoy the challenge of working on the occasional story for publications such as Magic Bullet. As difficult as it might be for me, I still like the old-school approach of doing it all hand-to-paper, even the writing, which is the toughest part of all, especially when applying it to the panels. Anyhow, I'm pretty pleased with the illustrative part so far - that portion I've enjoyed thoroughly, and it takes me back to my youth, this drawing of the dinosaurs again. Plus, I feel like I've learned something new, as I actually have done a bucket load of research, despite the very short narrative. I've honestly never heard of Astrodon, or some of the other dinos associated with it before, and I'm hoping, if anything, I'll invoke some curiosity, debate and discussion about it with my page.