Friday, March 20, 2015

aviary exhibit at washington artworks flies until march 27, 2015

Today I took advantage of another snow day, the first I've ever experienced in March, to take on the sleet and the slop and visit the Washington ArtWorks Urban By Nature Gallery in Rockville, Maryland.  My main motivation was to catch the bird-themed Aviary art exhibit - a juried show curated by Patterson Clark, now in its final week at the gallery. I would have gone to the opening reception last Friday, but I got terribly ill Friday into Saturday. As much as I would have loved to have met fellow artists in the show and hear Patterson speak, whose own work I'm now a big fan of, dropping by the gallery today was the perfect refuge and remedy from the nasty weather and crazy driving, characteristic of the DC area. Every single piece, ranging from sculpture to paintings, to photography and lithography was a gem, and I was so happy for having a painting of my own in such good company. With the exception of a few folks passing through early this afternoon, the space was devoid of people, allowing me to look closely at each piece in the exhibit, and get lost in the work. Like a good many people, I've always been greatly fond of birds, and I felt a real sense of peace and solitude among the imagery surrounding me today. 

(above: "Owl" by Amanda Spaid)

(above: "Great Blue of Plaza Street" by Steve Loya)

(above: "Chickadee" by Martin Swift)

(above: "Fable of the Eagle and the Wren" by Evan Parker)

(above: "Woodpecker Overlook" by Kazaan Vivieros)

(above and below: "Great Blue Heron" by Charles Bergen)

(above: "Belted Kingfisher" by Hiroko Cannon)

(above and below: "Flock" by Bill Wolff)

(above: "World Map" by Steven Nesheim)

(above: "The Strutter" by Cam Miller)

(above: "Chicken With Fence" by David Daniels)

The Aviary exhibit will run for only one more week at Washington ArtWorks, then it all comes down. Being this was my first time at this space, I was thoroughly impressed with not only the work, but the gallery spaces (there are a few at Washington ArtWorks), at a place that doesn't look like much from the outside, but is beautifully set up inside. I strongly encourage folks in the MD, DC, NOVA area to drop by and take a look before it's officially over.