Wednesday, April 29, 2015

my "peaceful survivor" is a winner!

I found out today that the piece I entered into the World Animal Protection art contest won the 18 and over category, chosen by Harry Potter actress, Evanna Lynch! How cool is that? World Animal Protection is one of my all time favorite charity organizations, and I've been donating to them for a few years now. My wife Kris loves the Harry Potter films, so she's pretty thrilled about the news as well. This isn't the first time my "Peaceful Survivor" piece has been mistaken for a sea turtle however, but it makes total sense, judging by the background color and the angle of the turtle's foot, making it look somewhat like a fin. I made the drawing based off of a photo I took at a local animal park, of a giant tortoise. He seemed to be well taken care of, but I felt kind of bad for the big guy, who was visited by little kids who would go and pet, and basically bother the big fella, at certain times of the day. I got the feeling that he would have much rather have been left alone, to graze peacefully with his own kind, far far away. Anyhow, as a result of the win, I'll be getting a new book about animals by J.K. Rowling, signed by Evanna. You can learn more about the contest below!