Thursday, June 18, 2015

audio/visual delight: the kurdles, by robert goodin

Today I decided to begin a new series at this blog, featuring books, records, CDs, audio cassettes, and artwork that I have collected throughout the years, primarily with a focus on the visual aspect of the work. Why not share my love for aesthetically pleasing audio and visual artifacts, both new, and not so new, with the rest of the world? For my first feature, as part of what I'll simply call the "audio/visual delight" series, I chose a very recent book release by Robert Goodin (American Dad fame) called The Kurdles.

While browsing through my local comic book store the other day, I honestly found myself kind of bored with the usual glossy super hero fare lining the shelves, then something caught my eye and drew me in like a moth to a flame. What was this curious-looking, large hardbound book The Kurdles all about? I was immediately drawn to the book's lovable cast of oddball misfits, as well as the general plot, but the drawings, and those rich, gorgeous colors, all done by hand with watercolor. How incredibly refreshing.

There is something that feels very classic about The Kurdles, even though it's a brand new title, and there's a sense of innocence, reminiscent of films like E.T. and Goonies, that is all but missing from most comic books today. The adventures of the book's courageous main character, Sally Bear, and her new friends, which include a macho, no-nonsense unicorn named Hank, an intelligent but fearful scarecrow named Phineas, and a friendly, color-changing creature with terrible allergies, simply known as Pentapus, tell a story that both kids and adults can relate to, and those with a liking for lush, hand-drawn comic illustration, and wonderfully imaginative characters will thoroughly enjoy a trip to a magical place called Kurdleton. I personally enjoyed my visit so much, I ended up buying two books for myself.

You can purchase your copy of The Kurdles through Fantagraphics HERE. You can also follow Robert Goodin's blog HERE, where you'll find updates on The Kurdles-related artwork, and more. "Like" the Kurdles on Facebook as well! If you're in the Echo Park part of LA, be sure to drop by Stories Books and Cafe on Saturday, June 27th for a Kurdles book signing with Robert, as well as a look at some original Kurdles art work on display at the store!