Wednesday, June 17, 2015

summer plans

The photo above shows a "monster mash doodle" I worked on, on and off last Saturday, while tabling next to my wife Kris' booth at the first ever Another Damn Craft Show event at Art Enables, in DC. We both had an excellent time selling our artwork and meeting lots of fun and friendly people. We also ended up spending some of that money we made, on the work offered by other local vendors. If they decide to hold a second one next year, I know we'll both sign up again!

Looking ahead, I'll be selling original Splotch Monster works, along with prints and such at the Round Hill Arts Center, this coming Saturday and Sunday, for the 10th annual Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour. I couldn't be more pleased with my location and space - a big, air-conditioned room that I'll be sharing with one of my favorite local artists, Penny Hauffe. There's also a great winery right next to us. This Friday will be my first day off from the school year, and thankfully I'll have a chance to get my display space at the RHAC set up, that day. 

I'm greatly looking forward to my free time this summer, as I always do, and I'll be making a concerted effort to work on my art,working in my newly set-up basement studio space at least four times a week. I'll even have a "sign-in" sheet, to log my hours, getting up early each morning, and finishing by late in the afternoon. It might seem tedious to do such a thing, treating art-making as if it's a job, but that's exactly the plan, and rather than seeing it as some kind of forced obligation, I'm treating this with great anticipation. While I'll still be working on the Splotch Monster-related art from time to time, I'll also be shifting gears, focusing on painting on canvasses, working on some subject matter that has always been close to my heart. Stay tuned, and hope to see you on the tour this weekend!