Tuesday, July 28, 2015

four landscapes from week four

Above are another four landscape paintings, made last week, which would conclude my fourth week of the "challenge". At times it has been challenging indeed, as everyday life gets in the way, including a nasty and persistent bout of poison ivy, and a crack/leak in the main water pressure valve. For the most part, the crisis situations have been averted and I had to keep at it during any time I had free time or energy. As always, the photos don't do the work justice, and I look forward to using Kris' nice SLR to take some professional-level photos of each individual piece, once the landscape project is finished. There are times I cannot wait to get to the canvas and paint, while other times it's a struggle, but once I begin, I'm usually pretty well locked into that creative mode that can take some time to fire up again. 

During my fourth week, and after completing sixteen paintings in a variety of sizes and shapes, I feel like I've found a comfortable style and approach where things flow more readily and happen easier. At first, I felt like I was constantly going back and covering up what I considered errors, and redoing things. Now, some pieces, like the one above, seem to have happened a lot more naturally, and in a shorter span of time. 

I'm sorely going to miss my quiet mornings, and visiting the once neglected basement studio space, that for the longest time served as more of a storage/anything goes space. In a couple of weeks I'll be rushing out the door in the early morning hours to go to work, although I plan on not doing so much "rushing" as well, this school year. Will I continue to paint landscapes, or paint at all throughout the ten months I teach at school? At first, that wasn't part of the plan, but now I feel it's important that I don't abandon such a practice, even though I'll definitely have to scale back some. If I can even accumulate one or possibly two good paintings a week, I feel I'll be able to build a significant and fresh body of work by next summer. In the meantime, I will continue at the pace of four landscapes per week, at least over the course of this week and the next one. If I can have roughly twenty-five pieces ready for the upcoming vineyard show with Kris, I'll be happy.