Sunday, July 12, 2015

landscapes, week 2

I had to play a little catch-up today with a couple of my paintings, of which I had plans on completing by yesterday. Sometimes you fall behind, and my goal of four paintings per week was somewhat foiled by July fourth travel. Still, I try to keep things flexible within reason, and fortunately, I made nor had any other plans for what would have otherwise been a lazy Sunday. I'm hoping to keep this up for one more month, giving me a little rest before I return to school again in mid-August. I can't say I've ever painted in acrylics, on canvas, at such a pace before, and I'm getting more done, and learning more than I did when I took a couple of grad-level painting classes a few years back. Yes, this is work, and many times hard, even frustrating work. Nobody sees the behind-the-scenes action of an artist or a creator, most of the time. I'm reminded of Andy Goldsworthy's "Rivers and Tides" documentary, and the scenes where he's working intensely on one of his nature sculptures, sometimes for many hours, when things start to go terribly wrong. Sometimes my eyes feel strained, my back gets sore, my hand cramps a bit, but yet, it's completely worth it - this art-making thing, and honestly, it really has nothing to do with money, though that's very important too, of course. It's the learning, the experimenting, the exercising of the mind and the feeding of the soul, not to get too corny. But it really is, as you feel you can see more, feel more, and gain a deeper connection with the world you live in (again, with the corniness, sorry). In the end, painting, drawing, creating, is ultimately play, albeit serious play. One of the bonuses to working (or playing) in my basement studio, is the fact that I've revisited my CD collection, and I've reconnected with the music I love. So, I might not be spending my summer chillin' at the beach, or visiting some exotic location on a far away island, but I'm still having a quite ball with this new artistic endeavor and challenge.