Monday, July 20, 2015

week three, and another four landscape paintings

So, I now have a total of twelve landscapes on canvas paintings, completed in various sizes. I found that this, being my third week, has made an interesting turning point. I've been applying the acrylics thicker, and more layered, for better or worse. Also, I've struggled with keeping things looser and more abstracted. Essentially, any art is a form of abstraction, to some degree, but these paintings just aren't at the point I'd like them to be yet. Maybe that's just not in me, at least for now, to go in that direction. Maybe I need a lot more experience with landscapes, and acrylic painting in general, before I can confidently take such a detour. Still, I'm pleased with the results, even if the outcome is different than I had planned. My wife Kris has been a crucial eye in a few instances, kindly but boldly offering some critiques, as well as her usual, much appreciated encouragement. Having another good eye around has been essential this week, and I'm glad I'm not working in a vacuum. 

I've enjoyed looking through all my photos in my Flickr stream, so many of which consist of landscapes and nature. There are literally thousands on file that I've taken and uploaded over the course of a decade, and I'm sticking to keeping my subject matter local, which means landscapes from the Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware states. Perhaps someday I'll tackle scenes from Kris' former home of Trinidad and Tobago, but that will be a whole other beast to contend with, as the landscape, while similar in many ways, is also vastly different. Ok, now it's time to start week four of this project, fire up some tunes and head to the easel again!