Wednesday, August 5, 2015

williamsburg, virginia tree studies

In addition to exhibiting twenty landscape paintings, I mentioned selecting and framing five tree drawings for the upcoming vineyard show as well. These were drawn, based on photos I took when Kris and I visited Williamsburg, Virginia last year. They were made during a six-month period where I made a drawing per day in a sketchbook. Much like the five weeks I spent teaching myself how to paint landscapes, I felt that this drawing a day challenge was a good way of getting back to the basics and reintroducing myself to the important fundamentals of art and art-making, mainly, how to "see". Drawing, even more than painting, has been my biggest strength when making art, and I love these drawings in particular. It'll be tricky framing these five without damaging them, but I'll get it right. Looking forward to seeing these framed and hung, in the meantime!