Monday, September 14, 2015

transmorgrifications art exhibit at the fridge, washington, dc

Last Saturday night, Kris and I went to the opening reception of our friend Jeff Herrity's art exhibit, Transmorgrifications, at The Fridge gallery space, in Washington, DC. Jeff had been posting process shots and sneak peeks of his latest work from time to time, and as cool as it all was to see in photographs, it was far more exciting to see the work up close and in person. It was amazing to see these delicate sculptural works, made from plaster molds, composed so carefully, playfully even,with subtle and occasional use of color applied to reveal differences and complexities in the individual characters, despite their similarities. The artist chose the theme of Transmorgrifications to reflect how people in our modern society go at lengths to change, many times altering themselves in hopes of altering the perceptions and opinions of others, for better or worse.  We love how Jeff transformed the space that is The Fridge, as the exhibit takes on more of an installation art presence,  as the sculptures, which stand strongly on their own, also easily work together as a bigger picture, much like a surrealist dream. Transmorgrifications will continue to be on exhibit up through October 11.