Tuesday, October 13, 2015

taking a hike

Sometimes there's nothing like a good hike to lift one up. Last Sunday I took the seven mile round-trip hike to Raven Rocks (also known as Crescent Rock) along the Appalachian Trail from Rt 7. It's been a while since I hiked this part of the trail - a part I used to hike on a regular basis when I first moved out this way. I tend to forget how beautiful it gets in the fall season. I also tend to forget what  a serious workout it can be, even for someone who has been working out regularly these past couple of months. It's incredibly rewarding, however, and even though I tried to keep the picture-taking to a minimum this time, I still managed to get some in, including shots of what appeared to be faces embedded in logs, trees and leaves - some of which where familiar, while others were new to me. 

One of my favorite parts of the hike is just as you're about to reach Raven Rocks, and the view that comes along with this part of the journey. Just seeing the clearing of the trees and the blue skies ahead was encouraging, after climbing some serious hills (above).

Of course there is the view of the valley, the best part of the hike. Lots of people were there, but since I was off to a relatively late start, most began to leave. The photo above is only a small portion of this breathtaking view.

I'm glad I brought along lots of water, a packed lunch, and my sketchbook and some pens. It was total meditation, doing some countour drawings of the trees and cliffs, from above. I seriously needed this. Hopefully I'll make more time for more of these types of adventures in the near future!