Friday, January 29, 2016

new work, new year

It's good to be back to Blogging and making art again, after a hiatus of several months. I strongly recommend stepping away from social media for a little (or long) while to anybody and everybody. I felt it was something I needed to do, and it's an excellent way to clear, and refresh your mind. The same goes with art-making. Sometimes when one labels themselves an "artist", one feels the need to constantly be creating, for fear of losing their groove, or art-making mojo, or whatever. Perhaps it can be an issue with personal credibility, but much like a band who has to take a break from music after recording an album and going on tour, the visual artist needs to step away and allow themselves to be a passive observer, before moving ahead again. 

Above is a photo of a new series of work that I've recently begun. They're sheets of watercolor paper I cut into 7.5" x 7.5" squares, then covered with lose, abstract watercolor washes. I like the pieces as they are, however they are not complete, and as of yesterday I started drawing on top of them. This was something I've thought about pursuing for a little while, especially while on artistic hiatus, and it's falling into place nicely with an exhibit I was asked to participate in recently. 

Starting tomorrow, I'll begin posting these abstracts here at the blog, nine at a time (there are thirty-six altogether), and they will be available for free download, for anybody who would like to digitally manipulate them or print them out physically to work with. However, please be sure to contact me first if you wish to use any of these for commercial purposes. Thank you.