Monday, February 15, 2016

h.k. anne at george washington univ, va campus

Last December Kris and I stopped by the George Washington University Science and Technology campus to check out a big art exhibit, featuring the work of local painter H. K. Anne. We're so lucky to live only five minutes down the road from this space, as we've seen some pretty incredible art shows, however, I think this one has taken the cake, by far. While the poor cell phone pics don't do the work justice, they at least give you an idea of the scale and style of Anne's expressive landscape paintings, inspired by the local woods and seasons. One can seriously get lost in the myriad of layered color, as her brushstrokes create an impressionistic world verging on the edge of abstraction. Due to the size of these pieces, it was easy to feel as if you were a part of the landscapes, transported to the places and seasons Anne masterfully rendered. While the show ended in late December, I highly recommend keeping an eye open for more of her exhibits, as her art must be seen in person to truly be experienced.