Saturday, March 5, 2016

graphic novel workshop at powhatan school

I had such a great time doing a comics-making workshop at the Powhatan School with Robin Ha and Paul Zdepski, along with forty participants today. Thanks to Tracie Chloel Lane for the invite and hospitality. What an amazing school and group of kids!

Prior to the workshops, Powhatan's librarian Tracie took Robin, Paul and I around for a tour of the school. While it was a somewhat older school, they had a very progressive approach to learning, with a big emphasis on hands-on, creativity-based education. Seeing all the little buildings and all the surrounding nature and trees reminded me of a mini college campus. The fact that the school set aside hundreds of acres of wooded land for learning was pretty amazing in itself. As a private school, the student body was a lot smaller than what I'm typically used to, and on this particular Friday, it was a teacher work day, where faculty can work on grading from home or from the classroom, while the students had a day off. All of us were so impressed by how many kids decided to spend their day off working on drawing, cartooning, comics and developing their own graphic novels. You can tell they really wanted to be there. 

It was great getting to hang out with Paul, Tracie and Robin over a drink and a meal in Winchester, VA afterwards, and it was a very inspiring day, overall. I hope to take some of what I learned at Powhatan and use it at my own school soon!