Wednesday, July 20, 2016

a visit to barboursville vineyards

Earlier in the week, Kris and I took a day trip out to the Charlottesville, Virginia area, which is roughly a two-hour drive from our home in Sterling, VA. We left home around 9am, shortly after the rush-hour traffic began to die down some, and hit the road on what turned out to be a truly pleasant drive, with regards to both the traffic and the weather. 

While the main motivation for me was to check out some art, a visit to a vineyard or two was in store as well, and thankfully Kris is more knowledgeable about wineries than I, and suggested we visit Barboursville Vineyards. There are quite a few wineries and vineyards in this area, some rustic and cozy, others resembling something painfully similar to a mega-shopping mall, and one, and only one resembling something you might find nestled in the scenic Italian countryside. That one would be Barboursville Vineyards. 

In my opinion, the view and the ambience of a vineyard or winery is half the battle. We've been to some where the wine tasted just ok, but the landscape compensated for the overall experience. We've also been to some where the location wasn't so great, but the wine more than made up for it. What we discovered with Barboursville Winery was a win-win situation, as the location was gorgeous and the wine more than lived up to its reputation. 

It is not surprising to discover the winery as having a rich heritage with roots in Italy, thanks in no small part to their owner Gianni Zonin, who acquired the land, once the property of Thomas Jefferson, in 1976, with the vision of making it into a winery. Barboursville's longtime winemaker, Luca Paschina, who started learning how to make wine from his father in Italy, at the young age of fourteen, brought his knowledge and expertise to the winery over a quarter century ago,  contributing to the great success and reputation of Barboursville Vineyards. 

Much of the knowledge we learned of the winery's history, as well as of the wine itself can be attributed to our wonderful server, Bill, who obviously loved working at such a beautiful place. If you want to know more about Barboursville Winery and it's fascinating story, you can explore their website.  However, the best way to experience anything, is to be there in person. Just a few miles off of US 29, it's well worth the trip, and there's plenty to do and see nearby. Kris and I are looking forward to driving out again this fall!