Saturday, July 2, 2016

brian kirk's "metal" exhibit now showing at old ox brewery, ashburn, va

I'm pleased to announce my friend and colleague, Brian Kirk is currently showing his rust prints and relief sculptures at Old Ox Brewery, in Ashburn, Virginia. Last night Kris and I attended Brian's opening, and were treated to a feast for the eyes, as Brian packed the place with some of his very best and most recent work. Ever the prolific artist, this morning marked the opening celebration of the new sculpture walk at Raflo Park, in Leesburg, Virginia, where two of Brian's sculptures were accepted and are now on display in this beautiful park. In the meantime, a big shout out goes to Old Ox and The Loudoun Arts Council for continuing to support and display the work of artists living and working in the Northern Virginia region. Brian's show will be on display for a couple of months, so make sure to check it out and consider purchasing and collecting some excellent work for a very affordable price!