Monday, January 2, 2017

washington project for the arts

As a personal incentive to get more involved with promoting my art work this year, I decided to finally take the plunge and join the Washington Project for the Arts, and create my own profile page. I only signed up for a year-long membership, to see if I like it, or not. So far, it was very easy and convenient to set up, after waiting a day to get the green-light email from the site manager, and there looks to be some nice incentives and benefits from being a member. Plus, the artist pages look beautiful and can serve as an artist's main website. For fifty-five dollars, you get a year-long membership, and for a hundred, you get two. Not bad at all! 

I wasn't too sure how to go about presenting my work, as it can take on many forms, and currently I'm working on two different series that run parallel to each other, subject-wise. I'm thinking every half-year I'll change up the work, this time focusing on the Endangered Kingdom animal portrait series, then in July I'll take these works down and post twenty Splotch Monster pieces from the Endangered Kingdom meets Splotch Monster Island series. 

While none of the works will be on sale until after I complete the series (thirty-five done, seventeen more to go), I still think it's good to maintain some kind of web presence within my local art scene. In the meantime, I highly recommend the site to artists within the greater DC area!