Wednesday, March 15, 2017

hilma af klint atc

This morning I made a portrait of artist Hilma af Klint, for an ATC mail art exchange. It's baffling to think that Hilma's work, which pioneered Abstract art, even before Kandinsky, was nearly forgotten, and barely acknowledged up until recently. Even Hilma herself, who was an accomplished realist painter, said her visionary abstract work, some of it enormous in scale, shouldn't be shown to the public until decades after she dies, as she felt people simply were not ready for it. It's these people I tip my hat to - the unsung visionaries, whose art, music and brilliant ideas will always be one step beyond. #hilmaafklint #art #artist #atc #artisttradingcard #drawing #drawings #watercolor #abstractart #visionaryart #womenartists